Better Stuff

A couple of plugs for stuff I use:

Eizo ColorEdge CG243W – Great new monitor that is accurate, a nice size and a joy to use. As I stated earlier, it inspired me to get back into photography. I like it, I like it a lot.

colormunki – in order to properly use the Eizo or any high end color monitor, one must calibrate it. It seems the best way to do this is to use Eizo’s software and a calibrator such as the colormunki. I’m a bit miffed in the x-rite, the supplier of the munki, has yet to release software for Snow Leopard. Turns out that Eizo’s software, Color Navigator, works great with the munki. I like the device, it is easy to use and clearly well-designed. And when xrite releases the new software, I’ll also be able to use the device to calibrate my printer. nice. (AND!!, buy by 12/31 and get $50 rebate) – very, very helpful and competitive pricing. I wanted to find someone, online or bricks and mortar that could help me find the right monitor for my needs. I called Colormall and spoke with John at some length as to several types of monitors. John was very honest as to why they no longer carried Canon, why they carried Eizo and LaCie and what monitor would make sense. He went the extra distance to confirm the newly released CG243W was what I needed and wanted. Very professional, very helpful and highly recommended.