Step 2b: Video (continued)

First, I need to make a comment as to how I manage the site content. I use a database and PHP to manage the content. This allows me to keep the number of pages to a minimum and adding content is absurdly easy. That said, I’m building this HTML5 site using static content. Once I determine how to create my desired HTML5 site, its somewhat child’s play to convert it into a dynamic site.

So how did my next iteration work? Not bad, as you can see in Step 2b, the site is starting to resemble my current site. I have a poster image that links to a video when clicked. The time is in the right place and I need to update notes.

Note on notes: It is properly formatted as an “aside” and I’d like to make the site more friendly by using JS to display the notes on the page as compared to going to another page.

Step 2b

As I remake the site, I need to determine if Jilion is something I should consider. They claim to make a great cross-browser, HTML5 compliant, video player. Mmmmm. (and based on comments by one of my favorites; John Gruber/Daring Fireball, it is the “bee’s knees” (my words, not his).

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