Step 4: Updated to be dynamic

No significant changes here. Added the required code for the site to be served by a database instead of hand-coding. A couple of small formatting changes but I’m ready to go from my old but lovely way of serving videos, Shadowbox to spanking, new HTML5.

Step 4

One update and one non-update:

Update; looks like H.264 is getting to be the standard for video.  Based on the MPEG LA announcement, H.264 will be forever free if the video being served is free. Due to this announcement, I’m going to focus on serving H.264 only and forget about…

The non-update: Jillion is running out of August. Its August 28th and no sign of their sublime video code. When it shows up, I’ll take a look until then I’m off to do my own thing.

Update: I went ahead and implemented Shadowbox again. I like the way it works, I don’t like that it doesn’t use the new HTML video selector. The new one in Safari has a much nicer controller and the ability to go full size. Jilion, Ferris Jilion?

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