I did it!*

OK, I committed to do a lot this weekend, clean the garage, create and document my Mom’s blog and change my layout from tables-based to CSS.

I did it all! Woohoo! *Well, I’m still working on my site but it is 95% complete!

OK, little things first. A lot of work, sweat and dirt and I can now park my car in the garage. So I moved all of the stuff from the front of the garage to the back, so what? Parking my car in the garage is sweet!

My Mom’s blog? Done. Documentation? Done. I kinda like it as well! Still couldn’t get the Flash uploader to work, though.

WRP, off tables? Done! Well, almost. I am still working on the site trying to figure out how to do my menu. It is more of a design issue than a CSS issue.

I didn’t go fluid, I went fixed. Maybe that is cheating, I don’t know but I wanted to do something that I understood. So as I stated earlier, I used some guidance from the Opera site. In fact, one site advising how to create a grids and the other about progressive enhancement, was all that I needed!

The grid article was great and I used it to start from scratch. Once I created a grid, I started to think about the grid in respect to the table-based design. It worked great!

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