It’s the little things


Made some changes to the site in an effort to bring it into the 21st Century.
First, I added a drop shadow to all of the images. What a difference it makes!
Details on how in my next post.
Second, I wanted to make sure the tooltip for each image would say “Click on image to play film.” and each image would have a alt tag so it would validate correctly AND when the film played, I wanted to ensure the title in the shadowbox did NOT say “Click on image to play film!”
Details on this one; so Shadowbox has a title attribute; use it to show the title when it is being played. Use the href attribute title for the tooltip AND ensure you have an alt attribute for the img tag.

Like I said “whew!”

I love it!

So I wanted to add a picture to my header… not a problem. BUT! Now the picture and my blog title were in conflict. Because the header photo was half dark and half light, any title color would look great on one side but not the other. Sigh.

Here’s where it got fun!

Using Safari 4’s Develop menu (enable using the Advanced Tab in Preferences), I used the Web Inspector to see if I could drop the title to just under the photo, oops, move it to the right, and make sure the Search widget lines up at the bottom, change the color, FINIS!

I love it! Update the CSS file with my desired changes and life is but dream!

Well except now I see I have to make just one more tweak…

Hello world!

To begin… again.

Probably my 4th or 5th attempt at blogging. This time I want to take a different approach. I want to use this blog as a way of understanding video and OS X/Macs.

Let’s see what happens!