This is getting more interesting!

Lifehacker – Wider-Screen Kindle Coming Wednesday – Kindle

A couple of stories are out stating that a new e-book reader is coming, either from Amazon or from Apple. I’m interested in the technology because many technical books are available in electronic format and it seems like a shame to burn a lot of paper on a book that will be outdated in 12-18 months.

I also like to convert lengthy reviews (I’m looking at you Ken Stone) to pdf’s and read them offline.

The Kindle 2 almost had me… but if Apple is truly in the hunt than I’m betting they will have nailed “most” of the needs.

Update: Kindle DX

Not bad, if it weren’t for the Apple rumor all over the Web (not even going to try and find a link), I’d buy the DX in a heartbeat. It appears to be perfect for what I’m looking for… an e-book reader. Meaning, I’m not interested in using it to read the latest novels, I want to use it to read Take Control books or O’Reilly’s e-books. Technnology books that will be out of date within 24 months of me killing a few trees by buying the book.

Stop the madness!