OK, now its time to work on the Tools

The last time that I worked on my page about Tools was when I was using Final Cut Express… ok, I can’t remember when that was.

The Notes are about the films, once they are made and the notes are written, its over. But the Tools, they are ever changing!

To help me focus on what I need to work on, I’ll add some comments here to either set me up or give me guidance. This blog is my conscience.

Start with the tools and lay it out chronologically. When I was starting out, the greatest thing for me was two simple things; one could make a great video out of stills (thanks, Ken Burns) and two, a very simple circa 2002 digital camera could make 4-5 second videos that could be turned into a short film.

It was such a heady feeling to make a MOVIE! (then I learned it was supposed to be called a FILM). Tomato, potato.

I’m going back to talk about the tools…