iMovie 09 and Ken Stone

iMovie 08 was a bit controversial on introduction last year. It was substantially different than the previous versions of iMovie, so much so it angered most heavy users. It was clearly a version 1.0 release and Apple was atleast kind enough to keep the old version iMovie HD around so we could still use it.

This January, iMovie 09 was released and this new version has made all the difference in the world. Many of the missing or incomplete features were fixed and some significant additions were made, most notably “precision editing”.

I’ve used all of the previous versions of iMovie, Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro. I must say this new version is a lot of fun to use.

So where does Ken Stone come into this picture?

Ken Stone has a great video website called On it he has great articles, reviews and tutorials on all things video. His focus is pro video and I’ve learned a great deal from his site.

Ken has published a significant review of iMovie 09. He recognizes the application for what it is. He states; “[iMovie] ’09’ is truly an amazing application, much more able and sophisticated than it would first appear. Automated video import process, browser organization, clip skimming and editing, text and animated titles, transitions, video effects, backgrounds, sound effects, audio control, voiceover, green screen, background music, speed control and direction, photo manipulation (Ken Burns effect), markers and chapter markers, color correction, waveforms, themes, animated maps, video stabilization, picture-in-picture, L-cuts, Precision Editor, full screen playback, the list goes on. iMovie is a full fledged editor, I think that you are going to be surprised at what it can do and how intuitive it is.

If you are interested in video and you use a Mac, I strongly recommend two things; take a look at iMovie 09 and read Ken’s review. As he said, it won’t replace FCP but it might make some projects a whole lot easier!