Usability Help

A extremely helpful service from Feedback Army is the ability to ask for feedback from a number of users. The cost is low, typically $1 per user and the advice from my limited sample of 1 time was well-worth the cost.

I wanted to know if my site was intuitive and easy to use. Yes, quite easy was the feedback.

Was the performance acceptable? Yes, no issues.

What should I change? Very little.

So two thoughts, one, I’m happy I have no issues and two, am I happy with the feedback because I have no issues? Probably.

I did receive feedback that I won’t take. Such as adding Flash for playback because Quicktime is “an old format now” and “not a format of the masses”. Good point and I’m not interested in the masses, thank you very much.

The feedback was quick. I had responses in less than 10 minutes and within 1 hour, I had 5 helpful responses.

Highly recommended!

PS: Read the FAQ and the Usability sections, both are well-written and help you to gain the best results.